365Falcon is a crypto and CFD (Difference Contracts) broker that stands out for its extensive scope, wide catalog of assets and various measures to protect the operator

365Falcon reviews

**Sarah Dent;

  I have never invested my money before and honestly didn’t expect much to happen but so far I was able to make decent profits,

  the services I got was wonderful, Steven is my account manager currently and after 2 months now I defiantly say that investing with this company was a great decision.


**Ella Chaudhuri;

  I have been with 365Falcon about 1 year , David have made everything very easy for me and looked after me all the way.There has always been someone on the end of the phone whenever I’ve needed to know anything.

 I recommend them very highly.



** (Grant Shaw)

   I’ve been working with Falcon for about 6 months now, never had issues.

   Getting help from an Investment advisor who’s always been attentive to my needs, what I’m willing to risk and my withdrawal plans.

   Invested about £10,000 in total, which is what I had in my savings. I feel that if you’re not being greedy, the road to success is paved.

   Great folks, even referred my family members.

   I’d recommend Falcon to any investor, especially beginners like I’ve been.


** (Lorraine Stephenson)

   I tried a LOT of different companies… Lot’s of disappointments..

   None were as transparent and as understanding as Falcon did.

   I’ve started with £250 and got to make a bit of money, withdraw my profits, I was guided from top-to-bottom

   which made me comfortable to invest another £2,000 and I was pleasantly surprised to see that we kept following the plan.

   To make a long story short, I ended up investing a considerable amount and am now a happy camper for more then 2 years.

   Strongly recommend!!!


365Falcon is a crypto and CFD (Difference Contracts) broker that stands out for its extensive scope, wide catalog of assets and various measures to protect the operator. 365Falcon has a presence in different countries and currently carries out its activities in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.  Another aspect that stands out to the company is its extensive portfolio is that 365Falcon currently has a catalog of more than 50 currency pairs and CFDs on different assets such as indices, stocks and commodities.


365Falcon is a company specialized in offering trading services to all kinds of users: retail operators or institutional clients. This broker has been characterized over the years for offering an excellent quality service. So much so that, according to a survey among its users, 95% of people give good company recommendations. 365Falcon is a broker without a trading desk and therefore there is no human intervention whatsoever in the execution of trades.

Since it is a broker without an operating table, it has a fully automated routing system that guarantees the highest execution standard, keeping latency, spreads and slippage to a minimum. 


One of the most important aspects of any broker is the security it offers its users, both of their funds and their personal information. Fortunately, 365Falcon excels in this field. The company carries out its activities according to the highest quality standards.

It should be mentioned that all the activities of the broker are monitored by the best accountants. With such a degree of control and vigilance, it is guaranteed that your operations will never be affected by corruption.

365Falcon trading platforms

The trading platform with which a broker operates is one of the most important factors to take into account when deciding how good it is. 365Falcon, like practically all good brokers offers MetaTrader 4. We are satisfied with the choice of 365Falcon and we assure you that you will be too.

But this does not stop there, 365Falcon also allows you to invest from your cell phone; there are applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. During this review of the platform, we were able to verify that the mobile options are quite comfortable and that they do not have any disadvantages.

To all this desktop application and mobile applications, the 365Falcon online platform is added, with which you can exchange in the Forex market from your browser – without downloads.

MetaTrader 4

Desk base MetaTrader 4 is the best known and most reliable trading platform on the market, and it can be said that it is also the most versatile. This software offers all the necessary tools to trade with any kind of instrument, and is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors.

Among the most notable features of MetaTrader 4 are:

  • Different temporalities
  • Different kinds of charts
  • Real-time quotes
  • One click order execution
  • Strategy tester
  • Alerts included

However, what is most striking about MetaTrader 4 is the ability to create and share technical indicators and Forex robots. Technical indicators are visual aids for trading, while robots are pieces of code with which it is possible to fully automate operations in the market. Since MetaTrader 4 is such a popular software in the trading community, it is possible to find thousands of Forex indicators and robots created by expert traders.

In 365Falcon, the MetaTrader 4 platform is available in its desktop version, on the web platform (no download required) and in dedicated mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Customer Support

When choosing a broker, it is important to consider the availability of the support in the account. When you decide to hire 365Falcon broker, you will be given a wide range of help or support options. Such options include email, phone support, and live chat, all available 24/7 when markets are open.

Payment Methods

365Falcon has payment methods that allow access to operators from all over the planet. The broker’s options include:

  • Wire transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

In addition, the broker offers its users a prepaid card with which they can make purchases in establishments that receive the MasterCard brand, in addition to withdrawing at thousands of ATMs around the planet.


Due to its variety of trading platforms, wide catalog of assets, excellent customer service and good payment options, it is possible to state that 365Falcon is one of the best brokers on the market.

Reviews of 365Falcon by other users are usually positive and show a high degree of satisfaction with the broker. Therefore, it is recommended that you open an account with this company to test its features.